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  • ECI Deadly Shark 14000 Delay Spray for men, Timing spray for men

ECI Deadly Shark 14000  Delay Spray for men, Timing spray for men

Timing delay spray

Product Features :

ECI Deadly Shark 14000  (Delay Spray with Vitamin E)

Long Last Spray for men

Use when needed, our spray will effectively assist you with improved experience.

Scientifically manufactured in Germany to help you perform your best

Note :- We are selling 100% Original Made in Germany Spray, But In market duplicate China copy of this spray is also available at cheaper rates but those spray are not effective and can harm your body,

Best Delay spray available in India USA UK Saudi Arabia UAE Japan Australia Qatar Sweden France Canada Turkey Kuwait Germany Italy Singapore

Q. What is delay spray?

A. A delay spray is a topical spray designed specially to decrease sensitivity in male and to help him perform his best.

Q. Which is the best delay spray?

A. The best delay spray is the one which should be fast acting, Lasts for a longer time, is safe on skin for use and should preferably be with added  vitamin E,  It should be tasteless, Should be odour less , Should come in a generous quantity per bottle making it economical and value for money.

ECI Deadly Shark 14000 delay spray has all the above qualities of a best delay spray

Q. Delay spray how to use ?

A. in short bursts Spray twice before activity, and wait for 5 minutes then you are ready for action.

If you feel a tingling sensation after spraying just ignore this as it will subside within a minute.

Alternatively you can spray onto the palm of your hand and massage it.

This spray is odour and taste free so your partner wont be able to tell you have it on.

Delay spray works by altering the sensitivity to the sprayed area without overly numbing.

It is the best imported delay spray in India, Made in Germany

 For any help call or WhatsApp Our Helpline Number +91 9810122870 

Spray for long lasting in bed

Using ECI Deadly Shark 14000  at least five minutes before the act will reduces sensitivity,

Gives you a Longer Lasting performance,

Increases your Enjoyment and Confidence,

Increase her Enjoyment, Satisfaction and Desire,

Up to 200 applications,.

Customers who order ECI Deadly Shark 14000  Delay Spray come back again and again.

Volume- 45 ml.

Effect Lasts Up To 5 Hours

ECI Deadly Shark 14000  Delay Spray is one of the top 10 delay spray in the world


Delay spray side effects :-

This is generally safe and has no side effects, Whereas an excessive spraying at once may cause temporary

numbness of the intimate area and a mild burning sensation that subsides within minutes, so one should never try to use more than is required. Usually 1-2 spray bursts is enough.

Live a better life. Try ECI Deadly Shark 14000.

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ECI Deadly Shark 14000 Delay Spray for men, Timing spray for men

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